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Pós-venda: como tornar seus clientes em promotores da sua empresa – Play2Sell

After-sales: how to turn your customers into promoters of your company


Great, your salesperson has completed a big sale, the customer is satisfied with the purchased product and the payment has already been made! Does that mean the job is over? No! After-sales is essential for your company's continued market growth.

We are used to listening, reading, and talking a lot about the need to acquire new customers. But after-sales are also an interesting way to bring more consumers and build customer loyalty.

But why should I invest in after-sales?

The chances of getting positive results from previous company customers are much greater. After having a good experience, the chances of the consumer returning increase considerably and, in addition, he can become a promoter of the company, that is, a person who will advertise his product to friends, family, co-workers, etc.

Um pós-venda de qualidade torna os clientes satisfeitos

The problem is that many companies believe this happens naturally, without requiring the team to work on it. However, it may be interesting to invest in

in order to enable this process, helping towards achieving your goals.

After all, this effort consists in following-up with the customer even after he has made a purchase. To that end, your team must be fully prepared to follow-up in an assertive way, without being inconvenient.

How do I turn my clients into promoters of the company?

Acquiring the consumer's preference and making him a promoter of your brand goes far beyond offering a quality service. You need to establish a relationship with your customers and seek lasting connections with them.

Here are a few guidelines towards implementing an effective after-sales process so your customers will promote your brand:

Pay attention to their needs

Understanding your client's profile and tastes is essential to build customer loyalty and, thus, make him publicize your brand. This way, you will be able to offer what he really wants or needs.

In order to do this, you must invest in research to understand what your customers expect from the company, so that your actions are assertive, and they are satisfied with your after-sales customer service.

Offer fast and attentive service

Again: put yourself in your customer's shoes and imagine that you contacted a company, and the service took too long.That's terrible, isn't it?

Nobody likes to wait too long to have their questions answered or problems solved, so speed up your service. Even more, make sure that the customer receives attention and a polite treatment, so that they feel at ease and become aware of the company's concern with them.

Be patient with customers and their problems

You certainly know that dealing with a customer is not always easy. Some are very complicated and sometimes it seems that they are never satisfied. Even so, it is important to be calm and resilient in order to solve their problems.

First, you must consider that it is normal for a customer to have a complaint about a product or service, even if the team's work has been well performed. Then, try to solve this dissatisfaction in the best possible way and, finally, find ways to prevent these failures from repeating.

Invest in digital marketing

Technology evolves at an impressive speed and this has directly impacted marketing. Therefore, investing in digital marketing for after-sales is not only important, but also extremely necessary.

Use different means of communication with your customers, such as marketing emails, WhatsApp, social networks, among others. Provide content that is relevant to them via these tools. Videos usually work well for this purpose, so consider producing audiovisual content.

Consider training your team

A professional who is well-prepared to serve customers in the after-sales process can be decisive. To that end, it may be a good idea to invest in training your team..

Thus, your salesforce will be ready to follow-up with consumers and make them true promoters of your products and services.

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