8 Cases of corporate gamification in Brazil and around the world

8 Cases of corporate gamification in Brazil and around the world


Corporate gamification cases in Brazil and in the world are becoming increasingly common in various sectors. After all, we live in an era where it is necessary to reinvent ourselves and find new ways to deal with our teams, serve audiences and achieve significant results. gamificação empresarial is able to solve many of these problems proving to be the ideal solution for many businesses.

What is corporate gamification?


is the use of game mechanics and the dynamics of living experiences to engage and encourage people to achieve goals. With this, companies can interact with their employees and customers, and in return promote their products or services. 

The goal of corporate gamification is not only to arouse curiosity, encourage and motivate people, but it is also a way to promote user engagement, improve sales and solve problems.

It is precisely for this reason that we see many cases of gamification starting to appear on the several fronts, that is why we have listed 8 successful cases in corporate gamification and what solutions were promoted.

quer gamificar seus treinamentos

1 - Hyundai and the Sales Training Game

Hyundai is part of the set of corporate gamification cases in Brazil that were implemented to improve performance during quarantine.

The project to train their teams using gamified training already existed, but during the pandemic the company was forced to accelerate it. The idea was to train the sales team in an online and engaging way for the new needs of the market. Therefore, the company launched the Hyundai Battlean app with sales training in form of a game.

2 - Duolingo, case of corporate gamification in an education platform 

Duolingo is a mobile platform for learning new languages through gamification. 

Duolingo reached 300 million users and became the largest education platform in the world. Using stimuli and constantly challenging users, who need to advance stages to be trained. The game often stimulated competitions within the users' entourage on social media and incentives using the ranking.

3 - Google, transforming employees into cost managers

Google is one of the most unusual cases of corporate gamification since it was conceived as a game to manage travel expenses for its employees. In short, employees must keep track of business travel expenses. So the motivation is that every penny saved is paid back to them as an addition to their wages with the possibility of donating it to a charity. This makes it possible to make each employee a cost manager, even improving financial provisioning by setting a ceiling for expenses.

4 - Starbucks, a loyalty gamification case

Starbucks launched a loyalty program called “My Starbucks Rewards” with the aim of increasing customer engagement with the help of gamification. The program allows network customers to exchange points accumulated with each purchase. Upon reaching a certain number of points, they could exchange the points for specific products or rewards.  

5 - Domino's Pizza training newcomers with gamification

The pizzeria chain needed to teach the menu to new employees in a dynamic way to make training information easily memorable.

The solution was to develop a gamified course to help its new employees to learn quickly about the process of making Domino's pizzas. The elements used involved scores, milestones and levels, making the process became easy to learn and fun. 

6 - Gamifying Waze to gather data

If you have used Waze, you know that it is a navigation and geolocation app. However, Waze is an important case of gamification since it often uses strategies that lead users to provide information for the app. This makes the users themselves, the relevant data feeders in the app. Consequently, Waze rewards users with points for their participation. With this, users can change avatars and also increase their positions in the ranking, thus stimulating greater interactivity among members of the community.

7 - McDonald's and the increase in revenue

The company created an engagement campaign promoting its brand and the its products with a well-known game, Monopoly.

The strategy worked as follows: Monopoly stamps were collected with every purchase. The stamps could contain instant prizes or could be registered on the promotional website, in addition to the possibility of competing for other prizes

6 - Heineken another case of gamification in Brazil

The basis of the initiative was to train more than 13 thousand employees on sustainability in the “Think, drink & play”platform, which challenges users with tests regarding world of beer. As interactions with the game progress, players can earn points, rewards and go up in the ranking. 

prospecção de vendas: baixe o playbook

7 - Yuny Store gamifying to sell more

Yuny Store is a real estate developer that works with high-end properties in São Paulo. In order to prepare its team to meet the expectations well informed customers, the company decided to train its team using gamification. The idea was to generate confidence among sales people, as well as ensuring the mastery product characteristics and investment benefits.

See in the video what a team in one of the gamification cases in Brazil has to say:

8 - Play2sell gamifying to educate about coronavirus

Play2sell is a gamification platform that, in quarantine, realized that it could help its customers and the community in raising awareness on ways to prevent and care for Covid-19. The coronavirus challenge helped to spot fake news on the subject, being even mentioned in Forbes as one of the cases that stood out during the quarantine.

The coronavirus challenge also helped to disprove fake news about the subject, being even mentioned in forbes as one of the cases of solutions that stood out during the quarantine..

Do you want your company to become a gamification case?

Aqui trouxemos alguns cases que se destacaram ao utilizar a gamificação para melhorar o desempenho de suas equipes e o engajamento com os clientes. No Brasil e no mundo, cada vez mais empresas apostam em soluções e plataformas de gamificação. Afinal inovar é sempre a melhor alternativa em um mercado tão dinâmico.

Deseja inovar nos treinamentos da sua empresa e melhorar o desempenho nas vendas? Clique aqui para entrar em contato conosco!

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