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5 estratégias de vendas para colocar sua equipe em primeiro lugar – Blog Play2Sell

5 sales strategies to put your team first

Estratégias de vendas

We don't have to think too hard to say that selling more is the main objective in a business, right? But the question everyone asks is: what are the best sales strategies?

Of course, achieving business goals is not that simple. It all depends on a number of factors, and there's an entire process for that. But there are tactics that are capable of shortening this path, making the sales team achieve its goals in a concrete way.

In this article, we're going to talk about 5 sales strategies for you to leverage the work of your sales team and be successful.

5 sales strategies you can implement in your company

Estratégia de vendas

1 - Team training

The first strategy we're bringing may be obvious, but it's always good to remember: training your sales team is essential in order to achieve better results.

A well-prepared professional knows how to approach customers in the best way and serve consumers according to their specific profile and needs, mastering the main sales techniques while knowing all the company products in full and, finally, closing good sales.

It's important to think about the format of the sales training process, since participants must be 100% focused on the training. An interesting way to retain their attention is to invest in more dynamic process, such as gamified training, for example.

2 - Storytelling

A well-told story can attract and retain attention while also generating sales for your company. And that's exactly what storytelling does.

It's the ability to tell compelling stories that motivate people to take action. The better it is, the more your potential customers will feel involved and interested in what you sell.

The strategy here is to access people's emotions and desires, as these feelings are capable of encouraging them to make purchase decisions.

3 - Smarketing

Estratégias de vendas

This is one of sales strategies experts use the most. The term unifies the words "sales" and "marketing", and that's exactly what it preaches, a collaboration between these two areas, enabling them to unite towards better results.

Conflicting relationships between marketing and sales are very common, such as lack of connection, poorly established goals and, in case of failure, one area blaming the other.

Therefore, the idea is to integrate the teams and form a partnership between those who represent the main sectors in the company. After all, one depends on the other to succeed. So, nothing better than aligning the work in order to get everyone to follow the same direction.

4 - Technology in your favor

Technological advances are very dynamic, and with each passing day, new tools appear to facilitate the commercial team's work. Keeping up with these trends can make all the difference in the development of your salesforce activities.

Electronic devices – such as smartphones and tablets – and tools that facilitate professional work, such as applications and software, can and should be used by your team in customer service, demand organization and result measurement.

5 - Personalized customer service

Well-structured and well-executed social selling can make the company known to new audiences and even attract consumers who didn't even know about it before.

Just think as a consumer: when you're well served, do you come back? Would you consume their products again? Would you recommend them to your friends and family?

In order to customize service, it's important that you understand that each customer has a profile. However, although they're different, they all want to feel special. 

So, seek to provide a unique experience to your consumer, adapt the company's communication, treatment and actions to offer them the best possible solutions.

These are just a few sales strategies that are hot on the market. There are others, of course, but what's important is that you implement the ones that best suit your company and ensure that your team is always watchful and ready.

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