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Learning for entrepreneurs that 2020 provided

What did 2020 teach us? Check out 4 learnings for entrepreneurs

2020 was quite difficult, but it brought valuable learnings for entrepreneurs. Check out 4 lessons we can learn from this year!

You should probably be among those who thinks "wow, 2020 was a tough year". There is a good reason since we are facing a global pandemic. We have spent months in quarantine and, because of that, we had a tremendous crisis.

It is true that 2020 was a totally atypical year. We have never been in a situation like this, with trade suspended companies closed and people lost jobs ... it really wasn't an easy year. But despite the problems, we can always take positive things away. After all, we had important lessons for entrepreneurs that will be carried out over the next few years.

What 2020 taught entrepreneurs:

Trust your team

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The vast majority of the population had to work from home for safety reasons. Of course, there were those disliked this situation, since we got used to always having our team at the office, close to the bosses.

However, the home office proved efficient in these months, to the point of many companies choose to maintain this remote way of working. In addition, employees like this trust and freedom that working at a distance provides.

Having a Plan B is essential

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Of course, no one expected to live in a situation like this in a pandemic and quarantine for almost the entire year. But even so, it taught us that it is always good to have plans A, B, C and even more, if possible.

Having a well-structured planning is important to define goals, outline the best paths and establish contingency plans. Managing a crisis is less complicated for entrepreneurs when everything is well planned.

We can optimize our time

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You may have heard the expression "time is money", right? And during 2020 this became even more true. How many unnecessary meetings have you attended when all that was needed was just a simple email?

With the pandemic and shelter in place, many of those meetings started to be called only when they were necessary and short. This saves everyone's time and makes us more focused on what really matters: increasing the team's performance. home office

Survival of the fittest

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It seems cruel, but it is true: companies that dealt better with this whole pandemic crisis are those that have adapted quickly to the situation. Of course, this is nothing new, but it is more and more real nowadays.

Therefore, invest in new knowledge,seek innovative solutions, establish partnerships and rethink your strategies. Maybe you will even discover new opportunities.

All of this is quite challenging for everyone. But that motivates us to be stronger and more prepared for the coming years. So let 2021 come!

How about you? What did you learn in 2020? Leave your comment and share it with us!

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