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10 tips for an effective sales management

10 tips for an effective sales management

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Everyone who owns or works on a sales team is used to hearing that effective sales management is what actually sells. However, it' necessary to go through an entire process to reach this goal, since selling is not that easy.

Of course, this is e the main objective of any commercial team, but it is important to remember that this field of work is composed by people with different profiles. Sales growth depends on a few fundamental factors.

So, we will give you 10 tips for effective sales management so it can really meet your goals and reach professionals, customers, and, of course, the company itself.

But first: what is sales management?

For starters, let's explain what sales management is and how important it is. It is a set of actions and strategies whose main objective is to develop a company's commercial team and make it achieve its goals.

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For this, several actions are necessary in order to set up a sales plan, create a team of trained and motivated sellers, efficiently manage and lead the team, provide customers with quality service, among others.

With them in place, the sales team' success chances grow considerably, making a positive impact on the entire company and its employees.

10 tips for an effective sales management

Okay, we've already explained sales management and its importance. Now, we'll give you some tips to make it really effective. It's important to stress that this is a laborious process which requires a lot of attention and dedication,but it is well worth it.

Check these effective sales management tips we have set out for you:

1 - Prepare your team

Having a team prepared to serve customers is essential for anyone looking for an effective sales management. In addition to making them qualified to sell more and better, sales training increases the employee motivation,since it provides them with more professional knowledge.

There are several types of sales training,depending on the company goals. However, one should look for dynamic and engaging skills, such as gamified training,which provide fun learning experiences.

2 - Know how to deal with your team

Each person has a different profile. Even though they are all sellers, each has a way of working and behaving. So, know how do to deal with your employees and understand how they are.

As a team leader, you need to be calm and patient in dealing with the different types of people who make up the team. Always speak politely and clearly to your professionals and try to understand them in the best possible way.

3 - Set goals and challenges

It is essential that the team knows what their goals are and how to achieve them. So, you need to set goals, present them very clearly and show your professionals the best ways to get there.

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Besides, be careful with the goals you propose. They must be real goals while also posing a challenge to the team, so they're able to continuously advance in their careers.

4 - Exercise your leadership to its best

You, as the team leader,are seen as a reference within the team. So, make good use of your experience in the area, show them the best ways to achieve the established goals and enable everyone to see you as a true member of the team.

After all, being a leader is also providing support to professionals and gaining their trust so that you can be successful as a team.

5 - Understand the customer's profile and needs

It may not seem like it, but you can discover your customer's profile and understand what they are looking for. In order to do this, you need to define a persona for your business, that is, a fictitious representation of the ideal customer who will consume your products.

Thus, it will be easier to identify opportunities and know how to assertively serve your customer, in addition to defining strategies to build customer loyalty.

6 - Standardize sales processes

It is important for the team to follow a pattern in the sales process in order to achieve the goals while avoiding mistakes. What do salespeople say on the phone? What should they present at a meeting with customers? What arguments should be used? And how should they act in case of doubts or problems?

In order to address this, you need to define a roadmap for the team and have established processes. The easier it is for them to visualize this standardization, the faster they will get the hang of it. You should also consider training them to fully master this process.

7 - Pay attention to team productivity

It is important to be aware of team productivity. Check how your professionals are developing their activities, how much time they spend on cell phones and/or social networks and check their motivation levels.

Gestão de vendas e produtividade

Productivity often falls due to high demands or due to the absence of a clear planning determining each activity's priorities. Therefore, closely monitor those who have a harder time in delivering their tasks and seek solutions to solve these problems.

8 - Be careful when giving feedback

Yes, it is essential that team members know how you evaluate their performance, allowing them to realize if they are on the right path or if they need to improve in any aspects. However, be careful when giving your feedbacks, since bad remarks can end up discouraging them.

If it is a criticism, try to be constructive in it, offer your support in order to enable the professional to improve, but do it privately, without exposing the person in a negative way.

9 - Consider rewarding the team members who stand out

There's nothing like positive recognition when you want to motivate an employee, right? This makes them feel valued by the company and, in addition, motivates them to continue doing a good job. Therefore, consider offering prizes to those who excel at their work.

Effective sales management depends on motivated and engaged professionals, so you must enable healthy competition between them and reward those who achieve certain goals.

10 - Track and analyze KPIs

KPI is an acronym for Key Perfomance IndicatorsThey are indicators that, when predefined, will help to measure your team's results.

Analyzing KPIs is essential for you to know which paths to follow, what should or should not be changed, or even waived, and understand how the sales team is performing.

So, what did you think of our article? Check out this text about sales team management trends!!

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